Incommunicado (2003)
Exhibition catalogue

Slimvolume (2001)
Poster publication

Cloud & Vision: William Blake in Lambeth (2005)
Exhibition catalogue

Block (2011)
Issue Two: Façade

Rayon Vert (2016)
Exhibition catalogue

The Imaginary Reader (2016)
Pages: 240, Hardcover: 24 x 33 cm

The Live Creature and Ethereal Things (2018)
Pages: 92, Softcover: 22 x 15 cm

Control Magazine (2009)
Issue Eighteen

James Brown was subtitled at his own suggestion [notes on notes and other non-conversations](2008)
Transmission: HOST


Danai Anesiadou, Anna Barriball, Ant Farm, Juliette Bonneviot, Matt Copson, Phil Coy, Jeffrey Dennis, Adham Faramawy, Travis Jeppesen, Nicholas Mangan, Xavier Mary, Mike Nelson, Lisa Oppenheim, Daniel O’Sullivan (Sunn O))) / Ulver), Katrina Palmer, Yuri Pattison, Elizabeth Price, Sophie Sleigh-Johnson, Mathew Sawyer, and Michelle Ussher

The Imaginary Reader is both an anthology of commissioned texts by a variety of writers, artists, critics, art historians and philosophers and an exhibition in the form of a book with several artworks. The final section of the book presents a series of texts about some of the art projects in the Volt programme Imagining Commons, which lasted twelve days in June in Bergen in 2015 with exhibitions, performances, a 24-hour camp, conversations and lectures.



Øystein Aasan, aiPotu, Andreas Angelidakis, BADco., Erick Beltrån & Bernardo Ortiz, Milena Bonilla, Michel de Broin, Barbara Casavecchia, Daniela Cascella, Jan Christensen, Phil Coy, Bojana Cveji & Ana Vujanovi, Judith Dybendal, Mette Edvardsen, Espen Sommer Eide, Tom Engels, Jan Freuchen, Stian Gabrielsen, Dora García, Andrea Geyer, Pedro Gómez-Egaña, Avery F. Gordon, Ane Graff, Luis Guerra, Mai Hofstad Gunnes, Johannes Heldén, Vlatka Horvat, Richard Ibghy & Marilou Lemmens, Institutt for Farge, Dimitris Ioannou, Ivana Ivkovi, Marte Johnslien, Cecilia Jonsson, Valentinas Klimašauskas, Brandon LaBelle, John Lely, Per-Oskar Leu, Lewis & Taggart, Isabell Lorey, Young Lunde, Kristin Nordhøy, Linn Pedersen, plan b, Alexandra Pirici, Mikkel Bolt Rasmussen, Hans Rosenström, Andreas Schlaegel, Ingerid S. Straume, Jon Benjamin Tallerås, Hans E. Thorsen, éve K. Tremblay, Synnøve Marie Vik, Jacob Wren, Icaro Zorbar

Editor: Marie Nerland
Book design: Erik Johan Worsøe Eriksen

Volt 2016
ISBN 978-82-303-2814-9
Language: English
The book is available to order online from Audiatur and at selected book stores.
To order the book outside Scandinavia you can send an email to marie(at)v-o-l-t(dot)no

The book is funded by Arts Council Norway, City of Bergen, Fritt ord and Public Art Norway (URO).


Alexander Apóstol, Bernd and Hilla Becher, Pablo Bronstein, Julia Chance, Gregory Crewdson, Bernice Donszelmann, Foster + Partners, Hawkins\Brown, Sam Jacob, Thorsten Klooster, Ola Kolehmainen, Francis Terry, Fredrik Torisson, Rob Wilson, Stephen Bates, Peter Blundell Jones, Nicholas Champkins, Phil Coy, Rosamund Diamond, Leo Fitzmaurice, Step Haiselden, Louisa Hutton, Helmut Jacoby, Heike Klussman, Martin Richman, Hans Scharoun, Ed Wilson and Alejandro Zaera-Polo.

Block's second issue takes as its theme 'Façade', reflecting on and looking behind the possible readings, constructions and deceptions of the traditional 'front' of architecture.

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Artists' & Contributors:

Angus Fairhurst, Bruce Nauman, Chen Zhen, Christian Marclay, Erika Tan, Francesca Woodman, Hirsch Perlman, Jirí Kolár, Lawrence Weiner, Mona Hatoum, Omer Fast, Pavel Büchler, Phil Coy, Samuel Beckett and Marin Karmitz, Smith / Stewart

Includes an essay by the exhibition's curator, Margot Heller, and an essay and selection of quotations by Tom McCarthy.



The desire to communicate might be considered one of the most powerful forces behind the production of art, but it is the fallibility of communication that provides the subject matter for Incommunicado.

Including original artists' pages and essays relating to communication breakdown in art, film, philosophy and literature, this catalogue delves into this rich area of research and uncovers its many manifestations: vocal, expressive, linguistic, technological, cultural and political.



A National Touring Exhibition organised by the Hayward Gallery for the Arts Council of England.


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Tim Allen, Tim Bailey, Gustav Bauer, David Burrows, Claire Carter, Phil Coy, Minerva Cuevas, Marcus Degerman, Ingrid Eriksson, Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard, Carina Gunners, Matthew Higgs, Fredrik Holmqvist, Karl Holmqvist, Karin Johnson, Rob Rhys Jones, Peter Kapos, Dan Kidner, Anna Kindgren, Claudia Klucaric´, Jacob Krajciek, Bella Rune, Nicola Schudy, Slimvolume, Mark Titchner, Peter Thörneby, Roman Vasseur, and Olav Westphalen.



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David Burrows, Brian Catling, Tracy Chevalier, Phil Coy, Polly Gould, Andy Harper, Tim Heath, Jon Newman, Michael Phillips, Manuela Ribadeneira, Annie Whiles and Sarah Woodfine.

Texts by Michael Phillips, Jon Newman, Tim Heath, Tracy Chevalier with descriptions of the artist's works inspired by Blake's images and texts produced between 1790 and 1800

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Vito Acconci * Karolin Meunier * Stephen Willats * Erwin van Doorn * Dan Mitchell * Annette Krauss * Steve Rushton * Ricardo Basbaum * Phil Coy * Harmen de Hoop * Thomas Hirschhorn

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James Brown was subtitled at his own suggestion [notes on notes and other non-conversations] was written and published for the Transmission: Host series following an invitation by David Cotterrel.

It comprises a compilcation of texts written by Phil Coy which contextualise his use of text in relation to the Audio Guide and Auto Lecture series.

The publications title is taken from a notice at the beginning and end of Jeremy Marre's 2003 documentary about the musician James Brown, in which each occurrence of Brown's speaking was subtitled in English.

Design by Alan Rutherford

ISBN: 978-1-906441-18-0

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“When we think about astrophysics and particle physics, we tend to see them as esoteric and impenetrable. The Live Creature and Ethereal Things: Physics in Culture re-presents these areas of physics as human, cultural and material activities through physicists’ personal reflections, conversations between artists and physicists, and artists’ works.” 
– Dr Nicola Triscott 


Physicists: Dr Suchitra Sebastian, Dr Chamkaur Ghag, Professor Tara Shears, Professor Roger Malina, Dr Mark Neyrinck, Dr Flaviu Cipcigan, Dr Marek Kukula and Dr Massimo Mannarelli, artists: Tomás Saraceno, Tavares Strachan, Semiconductor (Ruth Jarman and Joe Gerhardt), Ansuman Biswas, Nahum, Annie Carpenter, Harry Lawson, Phil Coy, Jol Thomson and Blanca Pujals, and curator Mónica Bello, Head of Arts at CERN, as well as essays by the book’s co-editors, curator Nicola Triscott and artist Fiona Crisp, and a foreword by Johanna Kieniewicz of the Institute of Physics.

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