Book launch: The Imaginary Reader

Tuesday, December 13, 2016, 8pm With: Johannes Heldén and Stein Urheim & Mari Kvien Brunvoll
Landmark/Bergen Kunsthall Rasmus Meyers allé 5 Bergen  >>>> info


To mark the launching of The Imaginary Reader, we invite you to join us Tuesday, December 13, 2016 at Landmark/Bergen Kunsthall. The artist, writer and musician Johannes Heldén reads from his latest book Astroecology and there will be a concert with Stein Urheim & Mari Kvien Brunvoll. Thursday, December 15 there will be a launch of the book in Oslo at the Black Box Teater. It will feature readings by the writers Kristin Berget, Victoria Kielland and Arve Kleiva.

The Imaginary Reader is both an anthology of commissioned texts by a variety of writers, artists, critics, art historians and philosophers and an exhibition in the form of a book with several artworks. The book is meant as a stimulus to thinking about the imaginary and the relationship between fiction and reality. By way of artworks, experimental texts and reflections it offers a range of angles and ideas on different aspects of the imaginary.

 Blow-up Film Fest
Screening Who Goes there? (2015) Chicago International Arthouse Film Festival, Chicago 4-7 Nov 2016 >>>> info
 Hidden Door
Screening Who Goes there? (2015) Hidden Door Festival, Edinburgh 27 May 2016 >>>> info
 Altered State
Alchemy Film Festival,Hawick 14-17 Apr 2016 >>>> info
 Being boring
The Living Art Museum,Reykjavik 7 Apr - 1 May 2016 >>>> info

Curated by Gareth Bell-Jones and Gemma Lloyd

John Baldessari
Phil Coy
Lucy Clout
Emma Hart
William Hunt
Sam Porritt
Peter Wächtler

Being Boring is an exhibition about boredom; an emotional state that is so familiar and so seemingly without value, that we tend to be dismissive of it without further consideration. The title for this project comes from a 1990 song by the Pet Shop Boys, which was in turn inspired by a quote from Zelda Fitzgerald’s 1922 essay Eulogy on the Flapper: “She refused to be bored chiefly because she wasn’t boring”. In this exhibition we diverge from Fitzgerald’s off-hand take and suggest boredom, or a response to boredom, is central in the creative act and impulse to create. Due to advances in digital technology, many of us belong to a society in a constant state of distraction; a culture where the state of existential boredom has been accelerated without us necessarily feeling bored.

 Swedenborg film festival

Swedenborg Hall,London 24 Mar 2016 >>>> info

Artist Bridget Smith awards Who Goes there? (2015) a *special mention*

Eastside Projects 4 Mar 2016 >>>> info
 The Green Ray
Wilkinson Gallery 27 Feb - 10 Apr 2016 >>>> info
 As far as I know (Devotion Gradient)
BFI London Film Festival 17 Oct 2015 >>>> see Scores
 Pierced form (after Hepworth)
Graphic Interface Format: 25 Years of Focal Point Gallery 21 July - 19 September, 2015 >>>> Focal Point Gallery
 as far as i know
Extended until 4th July, 2015 >>>> Focal Point Gallery, Big Screen Commission
 The Hackney property market read by Ridley Road market traders London
As part of Activating the Archive: Artist's Publishing at Hackney Archives, the self-published 1km2 Audio Guide: The Hackney Property Market read by Ridley Road Market Traders will be showing. The exhibition is curated by Banner Repeater in association with Hackney Archives, and runs from 5th February until 14 May at CLR James Library, Dalston E8 3BQ. More information here
 Devotion Gradient
21 Mar 2015 >>>> Focal Point Gallery, Big Screen Commission
 as far as i know
17 Jan - 4 Apr 2015 >>>> Focal Point Gallery, Big Screen Commission
 Sons of Unless and Children of Almost - 58th BFI London Film Festival
17, Oct 2014 >>>> BFI